Fish Fillets
& Portions

We can supply many variations of frozen and fresh fillet and portioned product,
including food service packs, IQF, shatter pack, and bulk orders.


Sebastes Spp.

Ocean Perch (also known as Redfish and Rosefish) is found throughout Coastal Atlantic Canadian waters. Ocean Perch can have a red to orange skin colour depending on the species caught. Sebastes Mentella is typically red in colour while the Sebastes Marinus is more orange.  Ocean Perch is caught then processed into fillets, whole round and H&G. Ocean Perch is popular in North America battered or breaded then fried.


Melanogrammus Aeglefinus

Haddock is found throughout the North Atlantic Ocean. Norway, Russia, Iceland, Canada and the USA produce most of the Haddock out of the Atlantic Ocean. Haddock is a flakey whitefish that is popular in fish and chips, it is also popular smoked.


Gadus Morhua

The Atlantic Cod fishery has been one of the most important fisheries over the past few hundred years. It has been a staple for many different countries. Cod is sold salted, fresh and frozen.

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